Sunday, August 7, 2016


Summer is full swing ahead. My favorite time of year (besides the holiday season) is spent in the sun, in the water, and on the sand.

This summer has been an especially busy one - lots of work, projects, activities! I have made it a point to be especially mindful to get some major relaxation and chill time in to offset the business!

Below is my visual diary of the past few months. Enjoy!

From the top...

1. Catching some late afternoon rays on the beach. Heaven.

2. Venice Beach is just so NICE.

3. Headed to the beach over the 4th of July weekend. Wearing H&M trunks, Soludos x Cuisse de Grenouille espadrilles, and carrying a Las Bayadas beach blanket.

4. Spotting the shore through Clumbasters.

5. Beached on my favorite (and huge!) MIKOH Turkish Towel.

6. Loving the book "Once Upon A Time" by one of my favorite photographers, Slim Aarons, alongside some of my Parabo Press custom prints.

7. "Aloha Vibes Only" during Miami Swim Week.

8. California Ave. in Venice. Classic.

9. A beautiful pre-birthday brunch with my best friend Colton at The Ivy.

10. Love me some David Hockney, and love this from his pool series. "Paper Pools, 1978."

11. Lounging in Palm Springs. Don't be fooled - I was majorly sweating in this shot!

12. Palms on pink walls.

13. When I found this wall, I was like.... YEP. Need a pic here!

14. When your A Bikini A Day x Sonix phone case matches your swimsuit. Rosé all day!


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