Friday, May 6, 2016


Realized that it's seemingly been an eternity since my latest visual monthly weekend. In between a weekend in Palm Springs and a week in New York, beach days, dinners with my buddies, work, the EPIC Rihanna concert (speaking of "work") and just finding time to unwind and chill - these past few months have been pretty eventful.

From the top!

1. Sun soaked and sleepy from a lazy afternoon at the beach, wearing Ray-Ban shades and a MIKOH shirt.

2. My favorite view - palms on palms on palms.

3 - 4. Relaxing in Palm Springs, toes in the pool, wearing a white linen shirt and striped trunks.

5. Mirrored palms.

6. Grabbing coffee in Venice at Abbot's Habit and wearing these gold mirrored Perverse sunglasses.

7. Beach daysssss.

8. Twilight views.

9. Stripped and ripped in Santa Monica.

10. Venice = coolest always.

11. Backbreaking heights.

12. Morning sun shadows in a vintage shirt and Guess Thompson Slip-On Sneakers.

13. Sushi in Venice. Hama. The legendary spot.

14. Nightly commute home = reflective palms.

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