Sunday, February 7, 2016


The first month of the new year provided some great memories and time spent doing what I love: writing, creating, and being near the ocean.

Gathered some images from the past month to reflect upon. From the top:

1. Mirrored shades and a linen shirt.

2. Metal trays, to-do lists, Diptyque candles, MIKOH sunglasses, Versace candlesticks, and a Quamta ostrich coin holder.

3. Palm sway on a gray LA day.

4. One of my favorite photos of my mom lookin' like a Baywatch babe in Cabo in the 90's.

5. Winter days by the sea.

6. Afternoon cocktails at Churchill with friends.

7. Psychedelic palms.

8. Tabletop scene featuring this archival issue of W with Britney Spears on the cover from 2003.

9. The weather's heating up here - so much for El Nino.

10. Driving to breakfast with my best friend in his vintage Mercedes, wearing Iovado slippers.

11. Sunset.

12. Foggy morning wearing a leather jacket and white jeans.


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