Saturday, October 17, 2015


Confession: I completely spaced when it came to posting the August installment of my snapshot collection, so here it is combined with September. Enjoy!

1. A much needed afternoon cruise in the Marina so graciously hosted by my friend Jacey.

2. This view on a recent drive home from work is why I love living in LA so much.

3. A late summer beach day with my new favorite Las Bayadas La Lucia beach blanket.

4. My favorite steak tartare with quail egg and black truffle from Cecconi's in West Hollywood.

5. Sporting Dior shades and a Ralph Lauren polo.

6. The coolest alleyway in Venice just off Dudley Ave.

7. Another snap from the Marina cruise with my girls Aimee and Sophie.

8. OH HEY on Abbot Kinney alongside Kat.

9. "Locals Only" framed Polaroids.

10. The power of the sea. Just love this image!

11. Recent reading materials including the queen Madonna's special edition issue of Rolling Stone and Gigi Hadid on W Magazine.


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