Sunday, March 10, 2013


So the weather here in LA has basically been pretty cray the past few days. From super dark and ominous clouds, to rain, to now being so sunny and gorgeous... it's not always easy to plan an outfit around the temp! That being said, it's so super gorgeous out today and I thought it could be fun to have a little "summer preview."

Brought out the summer brights!

Sunglasses: vintage
Tank: Topman
Shorts: Mr. Turk
Sneakers: Converse All Star Hi Tops in Black


1 comment:

  1. think you meant to say "grey" and not "cray" on your post. Or perhaps you meant cray as short of crazy as we certainly have had some crazy weather especially with the thunder and lightening strikes the other night. This is such a colorful, summer look. Love it.